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Mutua general de catalunya opiniones

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Mutua general de catalunya opiniones

What is the best health insurance quality price price

Hola guapa!nosaltres tenim Adeslas i ara paguem quasi 100 euros les 2 pero a partir del mes que be ens canviem a Medifiatc i pagem uns 92,psense copagos,es la progres i ens entre tot.Que vagi molt i molt be!
Ben fet Picassa! i ara quina mutua buscaras? Jo vaig amenaçar a la meva mutua amb esborrarm-hi per la pujada abusiva i em van dir que no ho ho podia fins gener de l’any que ve.. But well, when I have to leave I go to the bank and give the order not to pay any more bills and that’s it.
We are with Sanitas and all of us pay about 83 euros monthly, we have no co-payments and the truth is that so far we are very happy, and may it continue this way! Sanitas Multi? Is it a promotion or for the job? If it is a normal private policy I don’t understand how I pay so much on my own.

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Among this volume of problematic policies (one in four), the following main problems for the user stand out, in order of importance: not being covered for a particular treatment (17%); the insurer increased the premium at renewal due to the insured’s state of health (6%); a treatment/test, which was covered in the policy, was not authorized (5%); to use the insurance, the client had to pay an unforeseen amount (4%); the insured had to deal with a billing error by the insurer (3%); the insurer cancelled the policy due to the insured’s age (1%); the insurer cancelled the client’s policy due to the client’s state of health (1%).
Mutua General de Catalunya, Clínicum and Asistencia Sanitaria Colegial, the highest rated insurersThe research reveals that users are generally satisfied with their health insurance and would rate most of the insurers with a «comfortably good». The lowest satisfaction ratings are related to premiums, while the quality of services garners the highest ratings.


Completely open forum of medical insurance or health insurance, you can write freely leaving your questions or comments or respond freely to questions that you find. Tell your problems and concerns in the health insurance forum. Always write respectfully and do not use the forum to promote yourself or sell your own private health insurance. You can leave your email address as we will never send you advertising, only the comments of this forum and no one will see your email (limitation of liability forums).

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main rankings of the best health insurance companies until March 2021. You will be able to consult both industry sources (ICEA, Dirección General de Seguros, etc.) and independent companies and organizations (MERCO, OCU, EMO Insights, etc.).
According to MERCO’s 2020 Ranking of Healthcare Companies, Sanitas leads the ranking, with DKV in fourth place. The other positions in the ranking are occupied by Hospital Groups.
According to the results published in February 2020 (2019 data), DKV is the insurer preferred by brokers, followed by Asisa, FIATC, Sanitas and AXA. DKV repeats in first position after having been the most valued health insurer in 2017 and 2018.
Braintrust Health, Sanitas, Adeslas and Asisa are the best health insurers by NPS (Net Promoter Score), so they are the Insurers with the most «promoters», those who would recommend the Insurer to their friends and family.
EMO Insights has published in 2020 the second edition of a ranking of the best health insurers in relation to the positive emotions they generate are Generali (69.4 points), followed by Allianz (67.1) and Sanitas (66.8). In the study, Sanitas stands out as the health insurance with the most fans.