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Frases de corazon frio

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Frases de corazon frio

Phrases for a cold person without feelings

After reading it I was thinking for a long time trying to interpret it, at first it seemed simple but thinking about it, it is deeper than it seems, it is very good and accurate in a few words THE MEANING OF TRUE LIFE!!! winds by confucius.
Yes it is true that cool head and warm heart is excellent. But the long hand has double meaning, at least with my interpretation. It makes sense to help with an outstretched hand to whoever needs it, but to have a long hand also means to snatch or steal. Either way that would be a cold-hearted person.
As they said before the cold head refers to control thoughts and emotions, the warm heart refers to do everything with feeling, with feeling, believing in what we do … and the hand ….
Yes, it is true, you have to be rational and logical, that is to say, you have to think very well about things before doing them: you have to do things «with the heart» or «from the heart», feeling them, and you have to be willing to «lend a hand» and give support and help to those who need it.

Phrases from a heart of stone

«It’s all the same to me.» This seems to be the perfect phrase to describe the times we live in. Indifference is a state of mind in which we feel nothing towards others or the things they do. For the ancient Stoics the phrases of indifference were directed only towards those who were not good or virtuous, for lovers they are worse than hate and at some times, they can save you from an annoying or distressing situation.Below, we show you a selection of phrases about indifference, here you will find phrases that talk about how indifference affects society, love, art and life in general. Among them some will touch your heart and others will make you feel the cold of the indifferent. We hope you enjoy them all.
The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it is indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it is indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it is indifference.
We may well have to repent in this generation. Not just because of the vitriolic words and violent actions of evil people, but because of the appalling silence and indifference of good people who sit back and say, «Wait a minute.»

Phrases of cold people

Why doesn’t he punch? Do you think he knows how to punch? Yeah, I bet he’s the nicest, kindest, warmest… kindest, gentlest, warmest person in the world. Let me look at you. Bright eyes, good nose. But you’ll see. He means well… If anything happens to her… If anything happens to the princess… you’re all we have left.
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Cold and cutting phrases

Learning winter vocabulary is a great way to discover and practice new words, but you should know that certain words change meaning when put together with others. Therefore, these sayings can help you improve your English skills!
A saying is a sentence or expression that is easy to remember because of the way it sounds or what it means. The saying from the movie «The Wizard of Oz» is easy to remember because it has a particular rhythm when it is said. An example of a very popular saying in English that is said continuously because of its meaning is «You’re never too old to learn».
Unlike a saying, a phrase does not have to be a complete sentence. Phrases are a set of words that have a specific meaning when you put them together. The phrase «big deal» means that something is very important, and as such is not a complete sentence. A phrase can be used in a sentence. For example: «Learning about English phrases is a big deal».