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Esmeralda palacios valentina gómez palacios

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Esmeralda palacios valentina gómez palacios

Esmeralda palacios then and now

Esteban Facundo Gómez Bruera, better known as Facundo, is a famous Mexican producer, comedian and host who has been featured in programs such as Ya Párate, Mi pareja Puede, Resistiré and Cazatesoros, among others. Facundo was born on April 29, 1978 in Mexico City and is currently one of the most outstanding hosts on Mexican television.
Facundo is a Mexican producer, actor, comedian and radio and television host, host of several programs such as in radio «Ya Párate!» and in Televisa being the main figure of programs such as «Toma Libre», «Incógnito» and «TurNocturno», among others until 2019 when he joined the ranks of TV Azteca to do several projects and programs.
In 2009 Facundo appeared in the reality show Hazme reír y serás millonario hosted by Marco Antonio Regil and which had the purpose of testing all of Televisa’s most famous comedians and pitting them against each other in tough sketch battles so that at the end a team would be named that would be considered the best in comedy and would also be given a TV show. Facundo participated in «Hazme reír y serás millonario» with his friend Mario Cuevas «La Garra» and an unknown woman, but was unable to win the award and came in fourth place in the competition, which was won by Omar Chaparro and Cecilia Galliano.

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After the cancellation of his show Toma Libre, Facundo was out of the spotlight for a while, but soon after he returned with the show Incógnito, which was even more popular than his first show.
In this program they got a character taken from the streets of Mexico, a homeless man nicknamed Changoleón, whose name is Samuel, who could be found in the center of Coyoacán, drunk and who, once he appeared on television with Facundo, achieved great popularity among the people.[1] The program was a great success.

Esmeralda palacios age

Just a few days after we discovered Facundo’s new relationship with the former member of «La Isla» Delia Garcia, the ex-wife of the talented host Esmeralda Palacios showed off her sensuality with attractive selfies where she enhanced her beauty, leaving many spellbound.
In her Instagram profile the presenter and participant of the reality show Lucky Ladies published the amazing selfies, where Esmeralda can be seen showing her sensuality. For this reason the followers of both began to discuss about a possible fight to know which of the two ladies «is better», without knowing who is the winner. Although many wondered how Facundo could separate from Esmeralda Palacios, star of the show Lucky Ladies, who is in her best moment.

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After rumors of divorce between host Facundo Gomez and his wife, Esmeralda Palacios, they decided to upload a video in which they confirm that they have decided to end their marriage and no, it’s not a joke! In the video you can see Esmeralda very affected, she did not stop crying during the 24 minutes of the recording. The protagonist of Lucky Ladies confessed that this decision was taken thinking at all times in her three children: Valentina, Mila and Lorenzo; and clarified that she will take a break from the program Ya párate, from Los 40 principales, where every Tuesday she shared the microphone with Facundo, Omar Chaparro and Tamara Vargas.