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Cuantos años tiene oscarin de los destrampados

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Cuantos años tiene oscarin de los destrampados


Oskarin, member of «Los Destrampados» shares his happiness when he openly and gladly expresses that he is going to be a father, and fatherhood is undoubtedly a reason for joy and happiness in the heart; however, nerves invade him since it will be the first time he will debut as a father of a family, we sincerely believe that he will do very well, be confident, my friend, if you can do it!
«The experience I am living is very different, I don’t know what is going to happen». As we can see, Oskarín is nervous and happy, and with all the happiness that invades him, he introduces us to his lucky wife: «Araceli», that’s right, this girl won the jackpot, and with all the pride in the world she showed off her beautiful 7 months belly.You may be interested in: Adrián Uribe asks his girlfriend to marry him, soon they will be parents!

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It competes directly with Televisa’s Hoy, Multimedios Televisión’s Vivalavi and Imagen Televisión’s Sale el sol. Currently, «VLA» (as it is usually shortened in social networks) managed to become one of the most tuned programs in Mexican television in the morning time slot.[citation needed].
At the end of 2016, Ricardo Casares joined this matinee and left the evening show program of this same channel, Ventaneando. Tania Rincón left temporarily due to her pregnancy, and Natalia Valenzuela remains as a substitute. At the beginning of 2017, Argentinean Patricio Borghetti replaced Alfonso de Anda. Tania Rincón joined the company again in May 2017. On August 15, 2017, Carlos «Capi» Pérez left the program for good because he received better paid job offers at TV Azteca.

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A few days ago there was a strong confrontation between Oscarin member of the Desatrampados and Oski who is famous for his controversial statements, all arose because the ex of the Bebeshita lashed out saying that the TV clown is not really looking for love, if not make people laugh what bothered the famous.
«I really admire Oscarin’s wit, but I feel that he is not really here to find love, because he has not even shown his true personality, I don’t believe that what the flechada says is authentic or not,» said Oski, who also expressed that he was only there to clown around».

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Likewise, Oskarín described as «pure happiness» the moment he was able to hold his baby for the first time, one of the moments that will surely remain forever in his mind and that «will change my life from now on». Joss, Oskarín’s brother and one of the members of Los Destrampados, was also present at the link, who said he was happy for the arrival of his nephew: «We are very happy, we would love to be there, but we are already waiting for him and in a few weeks we will be able to see him», he said. Finally, our beloved Oskarín showed his purest feelings by dedicating some heartfelt words to his baby. «You came at a very good time and you are full of love, you are a son that I wanted all my life and what more that you are helping me to form a family. I will take care of you all my life,» said Oskarín while holding his newborn baby in his arms.