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Pablo iglesias e irene

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“I have been asked many times to confirm or deny news that have to do with my life, but neither before nor now I will do it when others decide for me. No more or less than anyone else,” continues the minister.
The information pointing to the crisis between the couple between the former vice president and the minister slips that the breakup would have occurred “last March” and that the couple has put up for sale their villa in Galapagar. Pablo Iglesias announced his retirement from political activity after the defeat in the elections of the Community of Madrid last May 4. These elections were held only two months after the alleged breakup and since then Iglesias has had to face a new stage full of changes. He himself exemplified these changes by cutting off his everlasting ponytail.
Irene Montero recalls the harassment that she and her family have been suffering for some time, by sectors of the ultra-right, with concentrations in front of her house in Galapagar: “It’s all part of the same strategy, systematic, constant, by land, sea and air, a strategy of harassment and demolition that began a long time ago”.

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In his opinion, everything is part of a strategy “of harassment and demolition”: “And it is that everything is part of the same strategy, systematic, constant, by land, sea and air, a strategy of harassment and demolition that began a long time ago”, he declares.
“They want to make it not worthwhile for us to fight and do what we do. Neither to us nor to the people we love and who love us. And warn you all: don’t get into politics, because if you do it right, this is what awaits you”, says Irene, who assures that she relies on “feminism” to overcome this type of hoax: “Thank goodness we have so much feminism among us. That we have each other. That we take care of ourselves and we protect ourselves and we laugh and more and more times we beat them”, she says.

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Pablo Iglesias is back. And he has done so by granting an interview to the Italian newspaper La Stampa: In it, the former vice president of the Government assures that he does not see his departure from politics as a defeat and has focused his exit as an opportunity to promote female leadership. The former leader of Podemos is referring to Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labor and now second vice-president of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, as well as Ione Belarra, who has remained in charge of the Social Affairs portfolio after Iglesias’ departure.
Before leaving altogether, however, he starred in a stellar appearance on account of his change of look. It was in La Vanguardia of May 12, when the journalist Pedro Vallín wrote the news and offered the photograph where the already former purple leader could be seen without a ponytail and reading a book by the person who signed the news.

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Irene María Montero Gil (nacida el 13 de febrero de 1988), diputada, es una política española, miembro del partido Podemos y compañera de su ex líder Pablo Iglesias Turrión. Actualmente es ministra de Igualdad de España desde el 13 de enero de 2020.
Montero estudió en el colegio Siglo XXI del barrio madrileño de Moratalaz. Se afilió a la Unión de Juventudes Comunistas de España a los 16 años. Es licenciada en Psicología por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, tiene un máster en Psicología de la Educación (2013) y ha sido becaria de doctorado en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid con una beca de Formación de Profesorado Universitario.
En noviembre de 2014, tras ser candidata al Consejo Ciudadano de Podemos, Montero fue nombrada responsable de Movimientos Sociales y pasó a dirigir el gabinete del líder de Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, momento en el que pospuso su proyecto de tesis doctoral sobre nuevos métodos de inclusión educativa para dedicarse por completo a Podemos.
El 3 de julio de 2018 Montero dio a luz a mellizos, Leo y Manuel, en su relación con Pablo Iglesias, el líder de su partido. Debido a su nacimiento prematuro, los recién nacidos permanecieron en cuidados intensivos en un hospital público de Madrid[8] El 4 de agosto de 2019 dio a luz a su tercera hija, Aitana[9].

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