diciembre 4, 2023

Gencat empresa i ocupacio

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Department of labor, social affairs and families

These data, which show the virtual ban on psychosocial risks in the management of prevention in Catalan companies, agree with others provided by De Montserrat from a study carried out among the external prevention services -which, it should be remembered, cover 83% of the workers in Catalonia-. The average time spent on psychosocial risks for each company that has contracted the prevention of ergonomics and applied psychosociology specialization is one and a half hours per year per company, and in many cases the methodology used does not offer confidence in the results. Finally, De Montserrat also warned about the malpractice of some SPAs, which offer their contracted companies the psychosocial risk assessment by presenting it as a specific study, outside the contract, thus charging an additional amount for the performance of this assessment.
In fact, it is considered that without procedural fairness, i.e., without the employees perceiving that the organization treats everyone fairly and with rational and transparent criteria, it is impossible to achieve vertical trust, which refers to the trust of the employees in their managers and vice versa.

Departament de treball, afers socials i famílies (department of labor, social affairs and families)

15.11.202010.42 Colau demands “clarity” from the government on de-escalation: “Health goes one way and the other departments another.” La batllessa de Barcelona critica per ‘unreal’ que es plantegi obrir la restauració i la cultura només a l’aire lliure.
12.28 Ramentol says that the 585 critically ill patients admitted account for 58% of the total number of critically ill beds ‘We are noticing a certain stabilization in the number of daily admissions’, he said. In addition, he said that now there are about 2,600 patients admitted, 24% of the network of beds of the Catalan health network.


Antigen and mask test for the 21,000 people who gathered at Canet Rock. The tests detected 152 positives and more than 700 people did not attend, even though they had tickets, because they were positive or had close contacts. The event is a pilot test of the Festivals for Safe Culture project.
For the ‘popular’, the pardons are not justified and believes that “the PSOE seems to believe that the independentistas are going to change their roadmap”. He also assured that his party will insist that “those who have committed a crime must serve for it”.