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Decathlon jerez de la frontera

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We can also talk at this point about the consideration of stores in shopping malls, is it true, both in a store in a mall and in a shopping street you can get this goal, which would be to sell to the maximum. The main difference would be that shopping malls contribute to a protected environment, which can be attractive on rainy days or hot/cold days outside, in which streets are affected in their commercial dynamics in a very negative way. So in areas of extreme weather, shopping malls become a good protection for shoppers.

Decathlon puerto de santa maria

Our company sense is to make sport accessible to the…  DECATHLONEl Puerto de Santa María, CádizOne month agoAdecco is looking for candidates who are passionate about sports fashion for a well-known clothing brand that has its sales center in the Centro Comercial El Paseo, in Pto. de Santa María, Cádiz.
Are you an expert in air conditioning, have you worked as an installer or have you marketed air conditioning products? We want to incorporate into our team the best professionals in the…LEROY MERLINJerez de la Frontera, Cádiz5 days ago Job description

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In our online store you will find the decathlon jerez de la frontera jerez de la frontera ideal for you that meets all your requirements, we have a variety of models from which you can choose, all of the highest quality and the best costs. We make sure to offer a great digital service for your complete comfort at the time of making the selection process as well as a secure payment system for your peace of mind.
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The sports company Decathlon has published two job offers in which it requires personnel to work as a sports shooting enthusiast in Jerez and water sports salesperson in El Puerto de Santa María.
Description of the offer: The profile of the collaborators who join our project is that of sporty people, with initiative, innovative people with a sense of responsibility, with a positive attitude and who dare.
Decathlon has a Corporate University, through which we train all our employees, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to enjoy their work on a daily basis. In addition, one of Decathlon’s Human Resources policies consists of internal promotion: all the people who occupy management positions come from the internal pool. Therefore, the possibility to grow within the company is a real opportunity.
We train and develop ourselves and go as far as we want to go. We are part of a team of passionate athletes working collectively and sharing our ideas, progress and mistakes to go further together.