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Sky yoigo opiniones

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Update March 2021: Sky is currently not available, it is a service that no longer exists and therefore cannot be contracted with Yoigo, but you have many more services with Yoigo TV. We recommend you to visit what services you can contract with Yoigo TV.
And you could also contract it with ANY of Yoigo’s tariffs. Yes, you could be a prepaid customer, a contract customer or have convergent tariffs to enjoy Yoigo Sky Gratis. In addition, you could check the features of your Yoigo rate through the app Mi Yoigo, the space for the operator’s customers.
You could choose between different channels for all tastes, for example MTV, AXN, fox LIFE, LaLiga 123 TV, Calle 13 or Disney Junior among others. You could also access hundreds of movies, hit series such as Vis a Vis, Grey’s Anatomy or The Americans.
Yoigo took advantage of this offer to launch the pilot of Agile TV, as we mentioned before. This new video service through which each customer can “configure their offer and decide what they want to watch with total freedom and flexibility and pay only for the content they consume”.

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They placed my router connection at one end of the house, and it does not serve the rooms farthest from the router. I told them that the installers did not inform me that the router placement was inadequate. Now I only asked them to connect 10 meters of cable and I would take care of extending it. The origin is a bad technical service, because the connection box should be installed in the middle of the floor. And they say that I have to pay 48 euros, but for a technician’s mistake?
They cut the line of a telephone without warning and after 3 days I realized it, I called them and they explained it to me and said that I had to pay 3 euros and with that there would be no problem, 3 days later I receive a message that I have to pay 15 euros to reactivate the line. I don’t understand why I paid them the 3 euros.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that Sky’s proposal is different from Netflix and HBO. In this case, the user is hiring a package of channels to watch in streaming, that is, in addition to having Sky content available to watch at the time that suits you, you can also watch live channels included in your package.
Another option is to get the Agile TV decoder through one of the best Yoigo rates with Internet and mobile. This device will cost you six euros per month and will allow you to install applications from various platforms to watch the best online TV series of the moment. In addition, as a gift you will have three months free subscription to Sky TV.
If none of these options convince you, you can purchase its Sky TV Box decoder for 25 euros, which will work with any TV with HDMI port. Sky also has compatibility with Yoigo’s Agile TV set-top box.
Sky makes up for its low on-demand catalog, more limited than Netflix or HBO, with the option of being able to watch thematic channels such as TCM, History Channel or National Geographic. This form of live broadcasts, is already an advantage: in addition to having a catalog that will gradually expand, you will find every day different programs from pay channels. So that you can decide whether this different way of watching paid content convinces you, we summarize our opinions about Sky and its service.

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