noviembre 29, 2023

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Carrefour has inaugurated the Alcobendas Market in Madrid, a space in which it is once again committed to the creation of new commercial concepts to improve the consumer’s shopping experience. The street market, located in the hypermarket’s shopping gallery, has led to the creation of more than 30 jobs and offers a new gastronomic enclave, with the presence of five gourmet spaces of reference in the restaurant sector.
With its 800 square meters of floor space and 120 square meters of terrace, the Alcobendas Market has already welcomed more than 20,000 visitors in its first month of operation. They have been able to enjoy the gastronomic offer of some of the most innovative restaurants of the moment, both in the Market itself and at home, since all the products of the different firms are also prepared to take away: Shikku, Davita, La Piparra, Mama Framboise and Mahou.

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The retail chain has also disposed of six hypermarkets located in the provinces of Malaga, Madrid (two), Avila, Santander and Pontevedra, of which it has already re-let five to the buyer, a consortium made up of Predica and Generali France.
The first operation is part of an international auction for the sale of 20 commercial galleries for a total value of 230 million euros, which is also taking place in France, Italy, Greece and Portugal.
The French multinational underlines that the amounts of these transactions “will enable Carrefour to continue to accelerate its growth and improve the profitability of its real estate investments”.

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Gadis, the food chain with the largest presence in Galicia, will close both on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. In this way, the company seeks to give its staff a break after several weeks of intense activity. In addition, Gadisa has also announced to its staff an increase of 350 euros in their salaries. Thus, Gadis supermarkets will only open today, Wednesday, and Saturday at their usual hours.
Eroski is another supermarket with a strong presence in the streets of the city. Its centers will open on Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday. On Thursday they will be open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and on Saturday they will be open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. The same will happen with other Vegalsa-Eroski establishments such as the Familia chain. Contrary to what was initially reported in this article, in Galicia both will open on Maundy Thursday.

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Wrecked cars, food trucks and thousands of walkers will attack the survivors who have managed to escape, on the occasion of the premiere of the 6th season of the hit series “The Walking Dead” from Fox. In the parking lot of the Carrefour Alcobendas Shopping Center you will find a movie screen where the first chapter of the new season will be projected, and perhaps, you will suffer the unexpected attack of the walkers. Read more →
Street Trucks joins the celebration of a new edition of the Madrid Toy Market, a toy fair held every first Saturday of the month, with three of our food trucks.
Bilbao’s Arenal, the gastronomic capital par excellence, will be the setting for the first edition of Amstel Bilboro Market. This event will count with the participation of thirty food trucks, five of them Street Trucks and managed by local operators.
The event will have fifteen food trucks, including six Street Trucks, which will offer a wide variety of street food from countries such as Japan, Cuba or Brazil, along with local gastronomy from Leon. A commitment to modern and quality cuisine ranging from Galician beef burgers or sushi rolls, to the traditional squid sandwich.