mayo 11, 2022

Caixa popular online

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A disgrace of a box . First a pensioner. They did not charge commissions now without sending letters or informing the customer of the changes. And the clients find out when they have been charged.
The attention had been kind and correct until the first problem arose. Without having previously informed me, they charged me 15 euros for online account maintenance, because they penalized us for having an account in the name of two users, only one of whom had made online queries. Impotence in the face of the lack of response to our complaint at the branch.
They are entering into a somewhat risky dynamic and it seems that they are drifting, soon there will be no need for people at the cashier’s office, no proxies, not even a director. They force you to do everything at the “iron cashier” which they call automatic.


Caixa Popular is a Valencian bank. It offers different types of products for individuals, the self-employed and companies. It also has its own real estate agency, Ruralvía, which allows the purchase of homes, land, warehouses or premises. It also offers products, such as some of its credit cards, for which it is not necessary to be a client of the bank.
Caixa Popular’s products for individuals include pension plans. The entity has three different types of lines. Although, within them, it is possible to choose different products to contract a product as adjusted as possible to the profile of each customer. These three lines are:
Caixa Popular only offers fixed-term deposits. This is a type of deposit that allows you to obtain profitability without assuming risks. Within this they offer different types of products so that you can choose the one that best suits your profile, needs or tastes.

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Caixa popular companies

Locate the Branch 3159 0049 CAIXA-POPULAR-CAIXARURAL on the Map of BURJASSOT that we provide below on this page. Select on the map: street map or satellite image and use the zoom to zoom in or zoom out the streets, etc.. You will also be able to see the nearest ATM to your location if you are looking to withdraw money in the CAIXA POPULAR C.R.SDAD.COOP.DE CRED.V. ATM network in BURJASSOT.
You can access your CAIXA-POPULAR-CAIXARURAL accounts online by accessing your online banking through its website to enter your virtual office where you can make all kinds of transactions, check movements, transfers, pension plans, investment funds, apply for credits and loans, mortgages … In order to access your account online through electronic banking, you need a user name and password, which must be given to you at the branch where you are a customer. Subsequently you can make all the operations by Internet without the need to travel and without waiting.


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