diciembre 4, 2023

Bnext just eat

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Credit to bnext : i’m giving you $100 !

Who doesn’t like to enjoy their favorite dishes without leaving the house and without cooking? We love it and we’re sure many of you do too, that’s why we couldn’t miss it in our new Just Eat Rewards program!
The maximum reimbursement on orders you place with Just Eat will be 2%. As we explained in the presentation post of the new Rewards program, depending on the level you are in, the reimbursement you will receive will vary.
Good, I don’t understand why in the application it announces a 5% rebate, which in level 2, becomes 10% and then the maximum you can receive is 2%, which in my case being in level 2 would be 1%.
The maximum refund that Just Eat applies for recurring customers is 2%, however, they have included a higher refund for new customers can get 20% and that is why you appear in your case being level 2 up to 10% refund, it depends on whether it is your first purchase or not that you apply 10% or 1%.

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We’ve been hearing nonsense for days like Monday will be less Monday, or we’re wiping the slate clean, and so wiping the slate clean. There are many places to get better discounts, even direct without cashback. My case, I’m about to buy an iPad, 379€, that before would give me 3790 points which would be equivalent to 3’79€ approx. But of course now Apple is a Partner so maybe they would have given me more with the old Rewards. Now I get 0.5% Cashback which is less than €1.90 and I get it in 150 days. With the student discount alone I get a lot more.
I hope to see these partners but I imagine that they will not be at the level of those that were there and will not be better than those you have put, if you had not waited, I hope you do well but in my case my use will not be as before obviously they offer me better things elsewhere as they say here.

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Conclusion: we have gone from a return of 10% to a return of 1% and 2% in some cases. 6,000 must be spent annually to get the 60,000 points needed to get the 60,000 per year. With the previous system, with €600 you could achieve the same result.
Hello @alansc and all those who have the same doubt. First of all, I wanted to thank you for the feedback, we certainly need it to move forward and keep improving to create the product that best suits your needs.
As I said, I knew a better service than the current one and I have faith that we will see improvements. But let me leave my opinion that at first glance, the change to rewards is not particularly exciting to me as it means a loss of advantages, at least in the short term.
@alansc we are aware of the problems we have had, and we are putting remedy to be able to grow in a sustainable way without affecting you, the customers. As for Rewards, as I mentioned before, soon there will be options to use your points without making previous purchases. We are in Beta phase trying to fine tune the product, in the coming months it will improve substantially.

What is the bnext rewards program?

If you have a Bnext card, as you may already know, you get a 10% discount on your orders at Just Eat thanks to their #DesCuenta promotion. Now, in addition, you get 5 euros back on your first order over 5 euros.
First of all, note that this promotion will only apply if you make the payment directly with Bnext. If you don’t have this card yet, you can order one completely free from here and get 10 euros free when you activate it.
Additionally, from December 4 to 10, 2018 (both included), they will refund us €5 on our next Just Eat order for a minimum amount of €5. This refund will be made on December 12 on our Bnext card.