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Rutina full body hipertrofia powerexplosive

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Periodization of repetitions by micro-cycles.4.- Progressive load increase.5.- Strategic unloading.Having listed the bases of the method we will explain them one by one.1- HIGH FREQUENCYThe HST method is based on creating an anabolic environment to promote maximum hypertrophy in the trained muscles. This means that the frequency will be medium-high.When a muscle is worked the protein synthesis is elevated, but this elevation lasts for 36 hours post-training, 48 hours as an absolute stop. After these hours protein synthesis returns to basal levels, so it stops growing. One of the keys to HST is to try to keep protein synthesis elevated for as long as possible by training each muscle 3 times a week.HST is therefore mainly based on 3 full body workouts per week.Then we will see variations that can be done.2- LOW VOLUMEIf the frequency is high the training volume should be lowered, as you cannot keep both elevated at the same time. In other words, you can do 20 sets of pecs one day a week and you can do 6 sets of pecs three days a week. But you can’t do 20 sets of pecs three times a week.

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The following workout is rescued from the Powerexplosive blog and is an interesting full body variation of the original 5×5 Madcow routine. The program follows the 5×5 scheme but split into Day A: Squat, Bench Press, Military Press and Hip Thrup; and Day B: Squat, Incline Press and Deadlift.
The guy was a legend before the web existed, the list of stories and training insights could fill novels. He pioneered training articles in Sport and Health magazine and continued to write until he passed away 2015.
One unknown aspect of the routine is the origin of its popularity. While it was written in 1976, it wasn’t until 2005 that it became famous on the Internet. An active geocites user named “Madcown” uploaded a compilation of information stored in magazines of the time.
Although the original site doesn’t even exist anymore, you can find the backup of the original article here. There is also a compilation of other Bill Starr programs that have been taken, modified and actively disseminated by different fitness sites.

3:11powerexplosivepowerexplosiveyoutube – 10 oct 2013

In the field of gym or fitness there are countless training routines focused on different objectives, however, few are as complete and offer the opportunity to carry out a workout as compensated as the one I bring you today. This is the PHAT routine (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training), devised by Layne Norton, which is characterized by working 2 days in ranges of strength and 3 days in ranges of hypertrophy, its main objective being the gain of muscle mass. In the same way, we are faced with a 2 frequency routine, as each muscle group is worked twice a week.
It should be noted that, although the routine that I present to you maintains exactly the methodology and structure proposed by Norton, I have made some modifications (such as altering the order of the exercises, replacing some exercises with others and slightly increasing the lower ranges of repetitions) in order to facilitate the practice of the same and make it safer. (You can see here the original PHAT routine:

5 days gym routine

Here we bring you a new entry in the series of routines compilation that we are going to do during this summer, in order to give you an example of the best routines for you to do in your weekly weight training routine.
Before starting with the table of the new routine, which will be about the training method that, in my point of view, is the best routine designed for women, we leave you the links to access the routines of the series of this compilation of routines:
Classic Fullbody (I) Typical Torso-leg (II) Hybrid Torso-leg fullbody (III) Hybrid Split (IV) Madcow 5×5 Strength (V) High Intensity – HIT (VI) FST 7 Routine (VII) Metabolic Routine (VIII) German Method (IX).
This time we bring you a routine for women by Christian Thibaudeau, an ideal workout for women devised by a great coach of recognized renown, although it is a modification that I have made to leave it in 4 days of training: