noviembre 29, 2023

Mizuno wave mujin 7

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Mizuno wave mujin 7

We already have the details of the Mizuno Wave Mujin 7, a trail running shoe with all the arguments to comfortably cover all types of terrain and distances. The aforementioned comfort also extends to the tranquility, thanks to a sole that has a lugged to go safely on any surface.
But if there is a part of Mujin 7 that concentrates the biggest changes is the upper, where Mizuno has concentrated the touches to a model that continues with the excellent result of the previous Wave Mujin 6.
Thus, this all-terrain and mile-muncher that is Mujin 7 maintains that profile that gives it a strong look to help those who use them to resist any challenge on the road. If in the previous installment we said that when you use the Mujin, the more time, distance, impacts and difficulty of the terrain: the better… That holds true, as we will see below.
The upper of the Mizuno Wave Mujin 7 is the one that concentrates practically all the improvements of this new release since the Japanese brand has sought a fit that adapts to all types of feet. If in Mujin 6 we saw an insertion of inner straps that tightened when stretching the lacing, Mizuno has polished the invention by maintaining eyelets in the lower part and a pair of straps (thickness: 1cm), on the outside and another on the inside, taking strong by the midfoot and in the ankle anteroom, that is: just where more support is needed.

Mizuno wave mujin 7: zapatillas ultra trail, para correr

Parte superior DynamotionFitLa parte superior de la Wave Mujin 7 utiliza la tecnología DynamotionFit de Mizuno. Basado en la investigación anatómica, el material está diseñado para trabajar con el pie para crear patrones de movimiento, y el resultado será un ciclo de marcha extremadamente suave y fluido que permite una amplia y libre gama de movimientos. Para una transpiración suprema, la zapatilla utiliza el AirMesh de Mizuno. Este material ligero permite un flujo constante de aire dentro y fuera de las zapatillas, con aire más fresco del exterior que sustituye regularmente el aire caliente que se ha acumulado en el interior para la ventilación. Cuando empieces a sudar, el material también permitirá que el vapor del sudor salga del interior de la zapatilla antes de ser expulsado, lo que aumentará aún más la comodidad y la sensación dentro de la zapatilla. La parte delantera del pie está protegida por un material más grueso que cubre los dedos del pie, evitando que los golpes y los choques causen algún daño. Los contactos fuertes con el suelo son absorbidos principalmente por la suela de la zapatilla. El material que rodea el retropié añade una mayor resistencia y estructura que ofrece una mayor protección, reduciendo el riesgo de lesiones. Los cordones seguros y la lengüeta acolchada garantizan un ajuste seguro y cómodo. Llevar los zapatos sucios con usted es más fácil con un bucle de talón. Dentro del zapato, el ajuste y la sensación también se pueden adaptar con un sistema de ajuste del talón y la parte delantera del pie.

Mizuno wave mujin 3 review

This 2020 the Mizuno Wave Mujin changes a lot and looks even better: Maintains weight and price, 390 grams and 145€. Reduces drop to 10mm. Narrows the sole 0.5cm front and rear. Increased cushioning, now 23mm in front and 33mm in the back. Now we have a shoe as protected as before … but now more agile and more cushioned.    Let’s take a look at the technical analysis by Mayayo.
In short, a solid and reliable shoe for beginners or to run any ultra on any terrain. It improves significantly in agility and cushioning of the previous version, while maintaining that solidity and protection. Perhaps its weak point is its high weight, but on the other hand it is still a reliable “tank” oriented to novice runners looking for a lot of protection, heavy runners and of course to those ultradistance races with weight in the backpack, delicate terrain and that require less race pace.

Mizuno wave mujin 5

The midsole also changes. It keeps the Wave technology but incorporates the so called U4icX. This combination hints at a very noticeable cushioning that we will check later. The XtaRide will provide stability and protection, while the XtaGroove will make it easier for the foot to adapt better to any type of surface.
It has a 10mm drop, perhaps higher than other similar shoes, but designed so that in situations of greater fatigue in which we lose good technique or terrain with strong ascents, our Achilles tendon suffers a little less.
When you put them on for the first time you are afraid of that first feeling of a heavy shoe, which can lead you to mistakenly think badly of them. And yes, you may have it, but you soon forget about it thanks to the good reactivity of the midsole, excellent cushioning and great response. As you cover more miles you start to enjoy a great trail shoe, a comfortable and safe ride and, although maybe not as fast as the Hayate, but they give you a sure way forward. Also, as the terrain gets more technical, speed takes a back seat to safety.