diciembre 4, 2023

Elba jimenez y raul araiza

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Raúl araiza girlfriend

Although he accepted his share of responsibility, the infidelity had consequences, but in the end love triumphed between him and his wife: “Obviously they kicked me out of the house, I left. Little by little the relationship was mended, because there was a whole story, you can’t just throw a story like that, you can’t forgive me, but we can never stop being parents, we are partners in the business and he is my manager. We had a paid trip and taking therapy, the therapist told us: ‘Why are you going to sacrifice the trip’ and we went to Dubai; it was an incredible trip, who knows where we accommodated the pain, plus she behaved incredibly and gave us a chance to think that we could keep trying, we had the right as any couple”, he explained.

Raúl araiza daughters

This Wednesday during the program Hoy, the psychologist Aguilar went to “El Negro’s” apartment for a segment, since this week he had to stay at home as part of the contingency measures.
Upon arriving at the host’s house, María Amelia wore masks and disinfected her shoes before entering. The psychologist intended to clean the host’s house, so she brought several cleaning supplies.
During the section of the Televisa program, it could be noticed that the atmosphere was still a little tense. His girlfriend rolled her eyes at him with every question he answered, and criticized his bad cleaning habits on several occasions.

Raul araiza wife

Click above to listen to the different voice messages that have been sent through an app, and in one of the messages Araiza asks the girl to listen and delete the messages.After this news and recordings came to light, Araiza wrote the following message on social media:
Latin Times reported that Jiménez said they had their encounters in 2005 when they worked together in El Tenorio Cómico. The same portal assures that Araiza visited Jiménez days before he underwent hip surgery on August 6.

Elba jimenez y raul araiza del momento

However, the name of the host Yanet García has been strongly rumored as the culprit of the end of the relationship. And now a source close to the driver, assures that it is not a rumor but a reality.
The same source added that people close to the couple knew that the divorce was imminent, since the host is usually very flirtatious. In addition to this, Fernanda’s jealousy of Yanet’s closeness was increasing.
The same source that revealed these intimate details, said that Fernanda became jealous, distrustful and insecure; this after the driver was unfaithful with actress Elba Jiménez, with whom she shared a scene in “El Tenorio Cómico”, as well as with Yanet García.